Monday, December 7, 2009

Coupon QUEEN!

I had a DSW Rewards certificate for $10 that expired Monday. Not one to miss out, I headed over there on my lunch break to sneak a peek at the clearance racks. Sadly, there were oodles of cutesy new styles to choose from, but nothing to write home about in sale town. I had made a vow to not spend massive dolla dollas on new kicks ('tis the season to be buying for others, after all...), but I was determined to not let this coupon go to waste.

I suddenly remembered that I needed some good new socks for running, and spied a 3 pack of ankle length Adidas moisture wicking lovlies right near the register. They were marked down to 10.94, and then another 30% off, so I knew I had to pick up another pair to make the coupon work (something about your total not being able to be below ten dollars). Luckily, there was also a pair of grey knee socks that would fit perfectly under my new booties from Target (which, if you don't already own, I HIGHLY recommend). Add those on, and my grand total came to FOUR CENTS, after tax. That's literally a penny for each pair of socks! DEEEEE-AL!

I was super excited about my purchase -- then I got a huge surprise at work and landed a holiday bonus (first time in my adult working life)! I was a little sad that I hadn't splurged on some new footwear, but there's always the after Christmas sales...

Me Against the Pavement.

Last week was the first official week of half marathon* training according to both Hal Higdon and my carefully color-Sharpie'd DayTimer. If I had to describe week one in two words, they would be EPIC. FAIL. I had great intentions heading into the week, stretching for hours on Sunday in preparation of an easy 3 miler on Monday. As extra motivation, I had even ordered a new toy I had been coveting for months...

Say hello to my newest, and current favoritest, accessory -- Garmin's Forerunner 305. This little lover was on Super Sale on Black Friday, and that deal (coupled with a recently discovered Amazon gift card leftover balance) was too good to resist. It was
delivered to me at work last Monday, and I instantly waved it around in everyone's (jealous) faces. Instead of hitting the gym like I had planned for my 3 miles that day, I headed to historic downtown to knock out my 3 miles.

My first run with Garmin was so fun! I kept forgetting I was running because I was playing with my new toy. Instead of sticking to straight paths that I had previously measured with my car to assure proper distance, I kept ducking down side streets and around blocks, watching the mileage (and calories burned!) rack up. I was loving it! I knocked out 3 miles in just over 30 sporadically paced minutes, and I was happy.

I wish I could say the rest of the week was as successful, but the truth is... that was my ONLY run last week. Work got busy (post Black Friday fall-out coupled with a major Regional Manager visit) and I was tired, cranky, and working lots of extra hours. With extra work and the holiday season comes lots of sugary treats, which I LOVE, but my energy level HATES. By the time I got home at 6 or 7 at night, I was tired from being on my feet all day, but more importantly, I hadn't fueled (the closest I came to eating a leafy green was a Reese's tree...) or hydrated (apparently, a constant intake of venti caramel macchiatos and Diet Coke actually DE-hydrate you, but I'm still in denial) my body appropriately enough to be able to take on even the most manageable run.

This week, I am determined to do better. Even though February SEEMS far away, I know it will be here before I know it, and I had better be ready for 13.1. Today I was thrilled to see I had planned a 2 mile run (even though all day I was thinking it was 3) and could knock out two easy loops on my road, even after dark. I strapped on Garmin and hit the pavement, and didn't stop running until my 2 were in. I was happy to see that all this time I thought I was running a 1 mile loop, I was actually running 1 POINT OH NINE mile loops. Hah! Sadly, I am also averaging an 11 minute pace, when I thought I was closer to 10:10, which really makes NO sense mathematically, since I am running further than I thought I was... but math was never my strong suit.

Tonight's run was short (22:05) and I even did it with no music (!) as I have benevolently loaned my ipod shuffle to Deane and his no-CD-player truck (he deserves it -- after all, I have a regular ipod and a new fancy schmancy watch). I felt like 2 miles was super easy, and I fought the urge to keep going, telling myself to stick to Hal's plan. I don't think I'll have any problems working the plan this week, and I hope this means I am officially back on track. I'll keep you up to speed on my progress!

*Side note: Donna Deegan was toooootally in my store today. She was rocking the Vera Bradley 2007 "Hope" print tote, the one I use to carry my current knitting project, and the same one I gifted to my mom 2 years ago :)