Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mash Ups.

Good golly, I am already the biggest disappointment on blogger. Last week I was supposed to post about "Favorites on Favorites", how my favorite celebrities (I use the term loosely) Tim Gunn and Lady Gaga were showing up on my favorite shows, Biggest Loser and Gossip Girl (I'll let you guess who was on what show). I never got around to it, and the post, along with a snapshot of Gaga (I usually call her "Gags", but when I type that, it reads as "gags", which may be true for several people, but I digress...) went off into bloggy abyss. Meanwhile, I wait by my mailbox for my copy of the new Gaga (thanks Linds!) with bated breath.

Gunn and Gaga weren't the only mash-ups to hit last week. "Glee" featured a ridiculously incredible mash-up of "Don't Stand So Close to Me" by The Police and "Young Girl" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap (I have 50% confidence in the accuracy of the band name, but am waaay too lazy to googs right now). But the most important mash up of all is the arrival of my favorite fall trend...


I first saw this look on the cover on an Anthropologie catalog (always the cutting edge of fashion, no?). I love, love, love the knee high sock sticking out above the boot, and I tried to wear some variation of this trend every day this past week.

I failed. Miserably. There were a lot of reasons, but the number one was ill-fitting socks. I have been blessed with water skis for feet, and I have never been a petite girl, and when you roll those two things together, I can't get a knee high sock on my leg without turning my calf into an encased sausage. Seriously disgusting looking. The other problem was, even with the "cold front" in Florida, it's still reeeeally warm, and the socks can get hot during the day. With this, an idea was born!

I am going to try to knit some "sock tops" -- some short, adorable, stretchy tubes (think the top third of a leg warmer) that I can wear with my boots as a total fake-out. The pattern will stick out over the top, giving the illusion of the cutesy trend, but they won't have horrible elastic that squeezes my legs, and they won't cover my entire foot, causing horrible foot heat during the day! I'm pretty excited about this idea. Has anyone out there actually been able to master this trend? I would love to see some examples!

And since we're talking about great tastes that taste great together, I noticed a commercial this week for another favorite invading a favorite. Bravo is premiering a new show, "Launch My Line", where people in other professions (CEO, stylist event planner) get paired with a fashion designed and compete to launch their own clothing line. In one of the teasers, I saw a familiar face -- Dan Karaty, a choreographer who used to be ALL OVER "So You Think You Can Dance". He was one of my favorites, and he hasn't been on in several seasons (I know there's a lot of hate for him out there, so lay it on me in the comments if you feel so inclined). Although I don't think I've ever seen Dan rocking a look that didn't include a blazer and a screen-print tee, I will probably tune in to the premiere of this show to see what he's got.

Mash ups will continue this week as I celebrate the holiday and subsequently consume approximately 189,000 calories in one sitting. Bring on the taters!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ignoring October.

It's a sad, sad thing when you see you have landed at the bottom of a fellow blogger's blogroll. Sadder still when you see that you are nearing the "two months ago" mark on your "latest" post.

So join me, won't you?, in forgetting October, and the first half of November, because I have been busy GETTING MARRIED!

(I put a picture here just to prove it.)

Since I am quite certain anyone who cares was either a) there or b) has seen my barrage of photos on facebook, I am forgoing the wedding recap posts. It was a beautiful, glorious day that involved all of my favorite people, quite a bit of DIY love (from myself and my wonderful helper bees, who never *once* complained), and a ton of fun. Deane and I are already talking about a potential annual anniversary party. Married life is fabulous, and even though I thought nothing would change, my new husband and I are on cloud nine -- we're a little more courteous of each other, a little nicer to each other, and a lot in love. I learned a lot planning and executing this wedding, and I am sure it will come through in future writings -- just not all in one big wordy post.

That said, welcome back, readers! Join me as I embark on my next goal -- a half marathon in February! -- , get back into knitting, regale you with hilarious anecdotes of a career in retail during the holiday season, and, as always, candidly review television's latest and greatest offerings. See you back here real soon (and thanks again for hanging in there...!)