Sunday, August 31, 2008

Doggy Duty.

So far, the holiday weekend has been low-key, but really fun. Saturday started with a trip to the vet for Lilly's annual checkup and a further investigation into some ongoing ear problems, which had spread their way to her eye area and had me really, really worried. Lilly is part Labrador, which means she has "down ears", or ears that have no exposure to sun/healthy wind and therefore are a breeding ground for gross diseases. She has had ear infections in the past, but nothing that hadn't cleared itself up. Last week, her ears look horrible, her right eye had developed a bald patch around it, and her right paw was equally infected-looking. We hauled her in to the vet Saturday morning in search of answers. A hundred and eighty bucks later, we left with 4 types of medication and a referral for a checkup in 10 to 14 days. Somehow, my lovely pooch has managed to harvest 3 types of bacteria in her ears. She is on antibiotics morning and night, a medicated cleansing solution every other day, and prescription ear drops twice daily. Administering these meds is no easy task, but so far she has been a trooper. I think she might feel bad about how much money she cost us, but mostly I think she wants her ears to be better, too, so she's behaving for now. Deane is a champ and said if I take care of the doggy routine for the duration of the medication period, he will take over all my other household chores. Score!

On Saturday afternoon, we hit the lanes for Deane's brothers (31st) birthday party. Bowling is a sport I have never loved, solely based on the v. public admission of shoe size. But a few pitchers in, I was convinced to bowl a few frames (see picture above). I have no idea what I scored, but I do know that I am happy to have discovered Cosmic Bowling. For 2 hours, the bowling alley turned off the lights, turned up the blacklights, and lowered 2 projection screens which featured the latest and greatest in tween pop music videos. Lots of Hannah, Jordin, NSync (Bye Bye Bye!), Jesse, and HSM. I was in Efron/Timberlake/McCartney heaven. I was also happy to partake in some delicious birthday cookie cake, modeled here by Deane's nephew Felipe:

Another fun discovery was a bowling pin-shaped table, which, after more of the aforementioned pitchers, I insisted on having a photo shoot on. Thankfully (for you, the reader) those photos will never be published, but here is one of Deane hanging from this table (which I still plan on stealing at some point).
Sometime during the fun on Saturday, we were tipped off that the judges and some of the crew from American Idol was staying at the one of the upscale hotels on Amelia Island. Ever a slave to potential celebrity sightings, I hightailed it home for a quick flat iron, doggy meds distro, and outfit change. Deane and I hit the upscale bar for some lovely cocktails, but sadly, no Seacrest or Cowell photos were obtained. The weekend is still young, and I am still hopeful!

Tomorrow we plan on hitting the beach before Hanna and the next crop of hurricanes head our way. Tonight I am working away on Anakin's blanket, and deciding how long it really needs to be. I am also counting down the days until the Gossip Girl and OTH premieres (1), 90210 comes back to life (2), the Colts hit the field for regular season play (7), and DLO Country Extravaganza Weekend (12). Here's hoping everyone enjoys their Labor Day!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cast On Queen.

Ok, I really *am* almost done with this Linus-inspired blankie. Look how long it is! I was knitting away happily on Sunday to some lovely programming on Planet Green when I ran in to quite the nasty knot. I worked this bad boy for the remainder of Living with Ed and halfway through the Colts/Bills game (the knot was about as pretty a sight as our 285 lb. "quarterback"). I was desperate to finish this beast without breaking into skein #3 (I always purchase an extra in the same dye lot to avoid potential disaster). Sadly, I had to finally submit to the terror of the super twisty disast and break it off. I started on skein 3 and am again knitting away into oblivion. Do you see how it has taken over the entire papasan? I have not saved much on the energy bill this month, insisting that I crank the AC a few more degrees while this behemoth takes over the better part of my lap. (slight aside: You may notice my hair is considerably shorter, thanks to a visit to my kitchen stylist, Deane. He hacked a good two inches of disgusting nastiness off of my hair when we were a little stir-crazy on Sunday afternoon. I'm actually pleased, and think it is an in-between step to a newer, chin-length 'do.)

In the midst of the knot process, I became so frustrated I decided to go ahead and cast on Lindsey's Bengals striper. I don't know if this was a good idea, since the Colts face Cinci this week in the preseason finale, but I was too tempted by new yarn and the therapeutic quick knit of short, 16 stitch rows. I spent maybe 30 minutes on this little lover and she is already coming along nicely:

It is a simple k1,p1 rib and will probably be about 6 feet long for lots of fabulous wrapping and layering. I really, really, really hope the colors are spot on for this one. I also refuse to take this knit out in public, for fear that people will assume I am knitting some sort of Halloween decoration.

All of this knitting happened indoors while I waited for the flood waters to subside. Here are a few pics of our yard, two days *after* Fay's torrential downpours. The dogs pretty much hated life (I guess they do not have knitting to turn to in their time of power-outage, rainy rainy need), but Roach finally went about 2 feet off the porch to check things out.

At least everything looks beautifully green and lush! The water has finally evaporated/soaked into the ground, so we are all set for now, unless Gustav's stupid ass decides to head this way.

Here's to a prolific knitting week!

Friday, August 22, 2008


I was just reading a blog about BSB yesterday, so it hit me as doubly funny when I saw this TV commercial from 1993 for my store:

Thanks to Lauren for uncovering this YouTube gem!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blame it on the rain.

I have formally committed to myself to not post any more Fay projected paths, rainfalls, advisories, etc., but I am excited to report that her antics amounted to a 4 hour workday today (spent watching news and Regis and Kelly), and absolutely no work tomorrow. After a blustery drive home and an essential gas station stop for supplies (Miller Lite, Smartfood White Cheddar, M&Ms), I made it home safely. We only lost power for about 3 hours in the afternoon, giving me the perfect napping opportunity. Since it's back on for now, I thought I should take this time to post.

Anakin's blanket is so. close. to. finished. I want to post a pic, but there are a lot of things going on (two of them being the fact that I haven't had a haircut since October or worn makeup all week). I hope to get one tomorrow (picture, not haircut). In the meantime, here are a few pics of the little Jedi-in-training:

In the first one he is yawning (duh.), and the second he is snoozing (a lot like his dad, this one) with the musical Octi I sent him (Lamaze makes some *amazing* baby toys). Do you see how close his current blanket resembles the one that I am knitting? I don't know her purchased this for you, little nephew, but I hope your parents know it should only serve as a placemarker for the blanket you will carry with you throughout your life and certainly with you off to college (film school?). Thanks to Michael for getting these up on flickr. When I have children, they will most likely be in preschool before I get their baby pics uploaded.

In other knitting-related news, I picked up the black and orange yarns for Lindsey's Bengals scarf. I didn't have a Palmer jersey to wear to the store to get the color match (I had to rock Manning when going to JoAnn for a perfect Colts blue match), but I think I handled the decision nicely. V. similar to a Mood trip on P. Runway. Linds, I am thinking this scarf is going to be a longer, much skinnier version of the Colts scarf I made for Em last fall. Let me know if you like the ribbed pattern and the fringe. I am planning on making the end stripes and fringe in black, wth alternating blocks of orange, in big rugby stripes.

The rain continues for its 13th unforgiving hour in a row, and looks to not let up for a few more days. If we hang on to our power, look forward to a delirious, cabin-fever induced blog post this weekend.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Why I should make all of my own clothing.

You may recall that I ordered an adorable, one of a kind, all things fabulous (long fit, soft tee, great screen) tunic tee from Dick's Sporting Goods online about... oh, forever ago. Shortly thereafter, I received an email stating that the item was on backorder. Needless to say, I have still not received this coveted item. Today, I received this very helpful email:

Dear Valued Customer:
Thank you for placing your recent order.
Unfortunately, we have learned that there will be a short delay in shipping your order due to high consumer demand. Our supplier recently informed us that our order for your backordered item(s) has been delayed, thus preventing us from shipping the merchandise within the originally stated time. If your order has not shipped within 30 days of this notice, we will be required to cancel the order. Please remember that your credit card will not be charged until the order is processedand actually ships to you.
If you would like us to cancel your order at this time please call our Customer Service department and we will be happy to accommodate your request.
We apologize for the delay in shipping.
Customer Sales and Service
Please note: Please do not reply to this email. This email was sent from a notification-only address and cannot accept incoming email. Please contact our online Help Desk if you have further questions.

It probably goes without saying that "Customer Sales and Service" did not provide the number to the above mentioned "Service Department" or "Help Desk". And, as much as I believe in others' love for the Colts, there is no way in hell you already sold out of this item. More like it got hung up in customs. Here's an idea, Dick -- don't put it on the WEBSITE until it's AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. 30 days will put us well into the season, and I am not about to rock this tee after every other Indy girl gets her hands on it.

It's bad enough I have displaced fan syndrome. I don't need online retailers disappointing me, too.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On the Go. Quite literally.

Playlist has been updated to reflect potential need for evacuation. What's your favorite song that encompasses impending doom?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ohh, Fay.

I have only lived in Florida for 5 years, officially. A child of the midwest, I am used to unforgiving cold, frozen snot at bus stops (ok, I never *actually* took the bus), and burning windburn on the one square inch of face skin not covered with a scarf/headband/sunglasses/wool mouth guard. But no matter the number of snowed in days and blizzards I have endured, nothing has prepared me for the gripping fear that comes over me when there is a hurricane looming off the Florida coast.

My county is currently under a flood watch, tropical storm watch, and high wind advisory until 5 pm tomorrow night. This is all thanks to stupid Fay, who can't seem to decide exactly where she would like to begin her quest for obliteration. I have tried to watch coverage of the projected path, but the truth is, all I've learned is that I'm pretty sure I could buy a degree in meteorology on a late-night infomercial. The general consensus among all of these morons is that everyone in the state should expect rain. Lots of rain. For several days. And wind, too! Oh, and if you have pets, bring 'em inside. Tie down the patio furniture! And be sure to stop by your local grocery conglomerate and fight the mobs of insane freaks trying to get the last bottle of water.

I'm wavering pretty regularly between shrugging the whole thing off and being struck with complete immobilizing fear. After seeing some of the destruction from Charley in '04 firsthand, I know things can get pretty damn rough. As it stands, the cats are still outside, I'm not in love with the patio furniture anyway, and I have a 12 pack reserve of DC and plenty of 100 calorie packs to get me through the night. And hey, just like I lived for snow days, I'll take a few "hurricane days" off of work wherever I can get 'em.

My knitting is readied, my lighted-end needles have new LEDs (not yet, but a JoAnn/Michaels trip is top priority tomorrow a.m.), and my iPod is charged and full of Kenny, Keith, and T. Keith (thanks Linds!). I can get through 8 hours, at least. Let's pray it's not much more than that.

I'll fight the urge to shout obscenities at the impending storm, hoping instead that Fay will show us some mercy.

And let me watch the rest of the Olympics coverage.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I miss football.

I don't know why I can't get this video to appear here on my blog, but it is worth the click.

I love it when favorite things come together, but when those favorite things are 2 Manning brothers and DDR, "IT'S BURNIN'!"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's face facts.

I really do want to be a good, interesting, witty, prolific blogger.

Truth is, I am NOT.

That said, here are some quick reasons as to why I am the worst blogger ever, not updating in a record-setting 12 days.

1. I need a job with more internet connectivity. So many things happen during the day that I think would be hilarious to blog, and by the time I get home, I am too tired/brain dead to remember or care to post about them. New phone time is next month, am thinking about an internet capable beauty (can anyone recommend anything from Verizon?)

2. I'm also a slacker in the knitting department. Hot, humid, stormy, sweaty Florida summer has left me to do not much of anything other than get to work and lay around like a slug.

3. I find awesome, incredible blogs like this one one that make me think mine is worthless and un-interesting. This Mario scarf, however, is SO inspirational, and this blogger is my new hero. She also rocks a sick tat, the likes of which I would get if ever I decided to ink my skin. I am hoping she will be able to provide me with a Koopa Troopa pattern in the near future.

4. I have Phelps Phever. Much like Emily posted about, for the next 2 weeks I will do nothing other than watch every drop of Olympic coverage. Thanks to the ever-helpful folks at DirecTV, we have 24 hour a day broadcasting on 7 different channels, complete with a helpful guide to show us the medal race and upcoming scheduling.

5. The return of the horse. Despite shelling out over 300 bucks for a season's worth of games in the comfort of my living room, the aforementioned wonderful people at DirecTV have not yet given up baseball coverage, meaning my dolla dollas did not pay for preseason coverage of the boys in blue. Last week's game had national coverage; this week's did not (have I mentioned how much I hate teal?). I have been avoiding sports journalism, however, worried that if I hear the word "Favre" one more time, I might be turned off to the sport altogether. Once September 7th rolls around, I will officially be off the radar for 16 glorious Sundays.

Now that I've admitted my shortcoming, perhaps I can get my act together and get back to posting regularly. My new goal? To go an entire month without having to apologize for my lack of updates. We'll see how it goes.